To download the MX-Contact 12.01.01 Update Package, please click on the Download MX-Contact button. Please note this is a 8 MByte file.

MX-Contact 12.01.01 Update Bulletin

If you have installed version 11.01 or later you can simply apply the Version 12 update.

If you are using MX-Contact Version 10 or earlier, you should uninstall your existing version and install the full Version 12 Installation Package.

To install the update, just run the Update Package MXContact_Update_12.01.01.exe.

Do not uninstall your existing MX-Contact Install Package.

Note: If you just apply the update, the client software will be updated, but the Outlook Data File (MXContact.pst) will still be versioned as 11.01.01 as there have been no changes to this. Likewise, there are no changes that need to be applied to your MX-Contact SQL database.

Please note the following FAQ about backing up your MX-Contact database. We strongly recommend that you backup your MX-Contact database at least once a week, if not daily.

Backing up your MX-Contact Database