The SOHO Advanced Edition is designed for a Small Office/Home Office consisting of up to 10 people who are all using Outlook and need to share a common MX-Contact database but do not have Exchange Server. It offers the same functionality as the Corporate Edition but uses a SQL Server 2005 Express database for data storage instead of Exchange Server Public Folders.

Utilises a SQL Server 2005 Express database for data storage.

The price includes the free SQL Server 2005 Express Edition license.

Exchange Server not required.

Advanced Customisation: MX-Contact Folder Property Page which allows for the addition of an unlimited number of user-defined folders.

Support for the optional Sales, Marketing and Support Modules.

Note: The SOHO Advanced Edition can also be used by clients who do have Exchange Server but prefer the additional features that a SQL Server database offers over an Outlook Data File or Exchange Server Public Folders as a data store.

Download an Information Sheet on how the SQL Editions (SOHO and Enterprise) differ from the versions of MX-Contact using Outlook Data Stores (Personal/Professional and Workgroup/Corporate).