The SOHO Standard Edition is designed for a Small Office/Home Office consisting of up to 10 people who are all using Outlook and need to share a common MX-Contact database but do not have Exchange Server. It offers the same functionality as the Workgroup Edition but uses the free SQL Server 2005 Express database for data storage (instead of Exchange Server Public Folders).

Utilises a SQL Server 2005 Express database for data storage.

The price includes the free SQL Server 2005 Express Edition license.

Exchange Server is not required

Limited to the MX-Contact Base System, i.e. standard set of MX-Contact folders.

Does not support the optional Sales, Marketing and Support Modules.

Note: The SOHO Standard Edition can also be used by clients who do have Exchange Server but prefer the additional features that a SQL Server database offers over an Outlook Data File or Public Folders as a data store.

Download an Information Sheet on how the SQL Editions (SOHO and Enterprise) differ from the versions of MX-Contact using Outlook Data Stores (Personal/Professional and Workgroup/Corporate).