MX-Contact Base System

MX-Contact consists of a Base System, with optional add-on Modules, namely the Sales, Marketing and Support Modules. The following folders are part of the Base System of MX-Contact:

Companies: The Companies folder contains details of the various companies or organisations that you deal with. These are usually existing or prospective customers but may also be suppliers, partners, etc.

Contacts: The Contacts folder is a listing of all the contacts that one deals with, both individuals and company contacts. All the standard demographic and personal information can be maintained per contact.

Groups: The Groups folder allows you to link groups of companies or contacts together. A Company Group for example would be a collection of companies all belonging to the same Holding/Parent Company. A Contact Group is a collection of contacts linked by some common bond, such as a family unit, a committee, board of directors, etc.

Calendar: Users schedule Meetings and Appointments in their personal Calendar but have the additional facility to link an appointment to a Company, Contact, etc. Linked appointments are copied to the MX-Contact shared Calendar folder so that anyone in the organisation can see who has scheduled activities with various clients.

Tasks: Users utilise their Outlook Tasks to manage not only personal to-do’s but also tasks that reflect actions that need to be taken for a particular company or contact. These tasks are still stored in the responsible user’s Personal Tasks folder but a copy is maintained in the MX-Contact shared Tasks folder so that Account Managers can monitor who is doing what for each client.

Journals: Journal Entries record details of events and activities that have taken place with a particular Company or Contact. They can also be linked to any other relevant item (opportunities, events, etc.)

Documents: Any kind of document (Word, Excel, pdf, jpg, etc.) can be linked to a Company, Contact, Opportunity, etc. so that anyone can track the correspondence relating to a customer/supplier.

E-Mail: All e-mail sent and received can be automatically linked to a Company and/or Contact and copied to the MX-Contact shared E-Mail folder. Thus all relevant, and non-confidential incoming and outgoing e-mail correspondence can be made visible to the organisation as a whole.

Users: Users are those members of your organisation that are responsible for dealing with clients/ prospects/ suppliers in one way or another.

Teams: Teams are groups of users.

Products: The Products Folder stores details of the products/services that the company sells. This folder is like the price list file for the company from which quotes and orders can be generated. Products can be linked to companies and contacts.