MX-Contact 365 is a fully comprehensive CRM and Contact Management package that is designed specifically for use with Office 365. The system comprises 3 products bundled together to provide one integrated solution with Office 365, namely:

  • MX-Contact 365 for Outlook, which is a ‘lite’ version of our hugely popular MX-Contact Outlook CRM client, which utilises all the standard functionality of Outlook but provides many additional features that transform Outlook into a powerful CRM system.
  • MX-Contact 365 Sync, an adaptation of MX-Sync, which synchronizes your Outlook Personal/Mailbox folders like Contacts, Inbox, Sent Items, Calendar, Journal and Tasks, as well as the additional custom folders added by MX-Contact 365 for Outlook to a SQL database hosted on SQL Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-based SQL offering.
  • MX-Contact 365 Web, otherwise known as MX-Contact.NET, which provides a web client for the SQL database so that users can view the central CRM database and see the interactions with customers and prospects by all the team members.

In the same way that Office 365 combines both desktop and cloud/web-based products, so too is MX-Contact 365 designed to offer CRM functionality in both “connected” (internet-connection available) and disconnected/offline scenarios. MX-Contact 365 also takes advantage of the feature-rich and offline/cached mode experience of Microsoft Office Outlook desktop client as well as of the portability of the Outlook Web Access web client.