An Outlook Synchronization Utility

to synchronize Outlook / Exchange Server folders

to a SQL Server (or other) Database



MX-Sync is an Outlook synchronization utility which synchronizes data bi-directionally (i.e. two-ways) between standard Microsoft Outlook and/or Exchange Server folders (both Private Mailboxes and Public Folders) and a Microsoft SQL Server (or any other) database. So you can sync Outlook data to SQL, SQL Server data to Outlook/Exchange Server folders, or Exchange Private/Mailbox folders to Public Folders. MX-Sync caters for scenarios where data is being updated in either or both databases. 

It is useful in situations where Outlook users are updating Public Folder information which must be constantly synchronized back to a SQL database, and/or want to use standard Outlook Personal folders (Contacts, Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, etc.) to interact with data that is stored in a SQL Server back-end ERP, accounting or web database system 

A common scenario is a web site SQL (or Oracle, MySQL, etc.) database where customers are registering, logging on, etc. that needs to be kept in sync with an Outlook/Exchange Contacts folder that is used for profiling these customers in more detail and e-mailing them information relating to requests logged on the web site.
Another example is where you want to keep Outlook Companies and Contacts folders synchronized with a SQL Server-based ERP or accounting system such as Great Plains, so that again the sales and marketing personnel can easily interact with these customers using standard Outlook functionality.